SystemFreak is a fun and intelligent card-game. It is free / open source. You should download and play it. Then you should help me with further development. I need python/tk-programmers.

How to download

Download SystemFreak here. SystemFreak requires python, and should run on "all" operating systems. It has been tested on Linux and Windows. If you have tested it on another platform, please tell me (see contact info at the bottom of the page).

What is it all about?

SystemFreak is a (atm. singleplayer) cardgame. The computer places one or more card(s) on the table, and deals you eight cards. It then thinks of a system that dictates what cards you can play according to what cards are on the table. Your goal is to figure out what the system is.

To figure out the system, you try to play cards. By noticing what cards are allowed at any given time, you should be able to deduce what the system is. When you think you have figured out the system, and cannot play any of your cards, you can hand them all in to the computer. If you were right, you get new cards, but two fewer than you handed in. If you were wrong, you get your cards back, along with two extra cards. The goal is to get rid of your cards, preferably because you figured out the system.

What is really cool is that you can write you own systems as well!


Yeah, everybody loves a good screenshot. Problem is, the design is really the weakest part of this game, but if you insist:


A newly started game. Table to the left, hand to the right


The player has managed to get some cards on the table.
She is not allowed to play jack of spades. Can you see the system?

For developers

Please see the Developers guide

About me

SystemFreak is written by Anders Schau Knatten, a Norwegian computer programmer. To get in touch, visit the forums, or mail me at anders _AT_ knatten _DOT_ org

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